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The Largest Owner of Escape Room IPs on the Metaverse

ERM LABS is a pioneer in breaking through the physical boundaries of traditional escape rooms, bringing an on-chain experience into the metaverse.
Entertainment + Blockchain & NFT + Gaming & Metaverse

Our Unique Propositions
Our Global Vision

Devoted to be the first to revolutionise in the gaming and RLER* industries

ERM LABS will be delivering three key products to transit traditional escape room vendors and players onto the metaverse, the unique value propositions will ensure the sustainability and future growth of the project

*RLER: Real-Life Escape Room

O2O Integration Tool

Detect Offline Puzzle Progress

Players can redeem points on ERM Game Platform. Derive all foot traffic to online


All-in-One Solution for RLER

#1 Decentralised platform built for the RLER and metaverse stakeholders (vendors; partners and players)

Randomisation Generator

Engine Mechanic (RNG)

Unique developed by Blockdork Studio for escape room and puzzle solving. Ensure replayability where users will never play the same quiz twice!

ERM LABS Game - The Wonder World (TWW)

7 Wonders of The World

First Wonder: Atlantis - The Lost Kingdom

An invitation from an eccentric professor leads you through a secret portal into the fabled lost kingdom of Atlantis - a legendary island in the Atlantic Ocean, lying west of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Launch Date: Jan 2024


Ultra Life-Like

First High-Poly Modelling Technique Metaverse

VMETA3 supports AR Technology and EVM-Chain built on Unity 3D with 1,000 times more accuracy of Polys than today's metaverse. Truly deliver real-life experience to our RLER players, as well empower our escape room partners to stay a step ahead in a virtual world!

ERM LABS - Metaverse Incubation for Crazy Ideas

An Idea Waiting to Explore?

Simply, Metaverse Is The Future

We have experience in on-boarding game concepts and ideas that traditionally labelled as impossible, metaverse maximises the opportunities for any type of business. If you have a "too big to ignore" ideas, come speak with our experienced team, we can provide guidance in the next step approach for you.

disruptive strategy

#1 Decentralised Platform Built for the RLER and Metaverse Stakeholders

GameFi & NFT Partnership

Eg: Project Galaxy; Era7: Game of Truth; CloneX; DeGods; Doodles; Azuki and more

RLER Users to Metaverse

- Scan QR Code to Enter ERM Gameplay
- O2O Escape Room Integration Tool
- Incentive, Rewards and Play-and-Earn Mechanic

On-Chain Data Security

Traditional RLER have not implement any data security measure into their existing outdated CRM system. ERM LABS providing an on-chain decentralised technical solution to all their vendors and players

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Today Goals
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API Gating Tool
Users form group and direct to games
Player Skill Development Matrix
Comprehensive performance review
Official club houses + mega price pool
NFT Marketplace
Trade in-game NFTs and avatars

Capture, Proof &
convert customers

Easily embed customer registration forms, login boxes, and user authentication options for your applications. Prove an unknown user’s real identity, in real-time, during your onboarding or KYC process. Can embed forms from third-party websites and services including NetSuite, Oracle PeopleSoft and many more.Identify real people with pre-built connectors.

Zero Trust IAM

Verify anything and everything trying to connect and benefit from a Zero Trust architecture that focuses on the identity of the user without the disruption to user experience. Overcome the security. Transparent access to all the network and infrastructure assets while ensuring authentication, authorization, data protection and data privacy are all strong fundamentals to ensure a Zero Trust.

Enhance user experience

Web Service : We will provide every manager to authenticate multiple users with a single integration of Mobile App. Conclusion.
We have seen all the cloud based services which can be helpful for. Implement new-age cloud-based real-time verification & charging solutions. Capture consent, SSL authentication, user activity and personalization information.


The Brilliant Minds Behind The Project

Alan Grzelczyk
Lead Game Developer
Josh Wright
Escape Room Designer
Seabook Chen
CTO (acting)
Ryan Ang
Financial Advisor
Yanke Z
Head of Community
Hang Zhang
NFT & Gamefi Advisor

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